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The Planning Place

The Planning Place Pty Ltd is the business partner of Brisbane RiskSmart. The Planning Place commenced providing town planning consultancy services in 2002. The success and praised received from clients has led to the establishment of a new business unit at The Planning Place, being AA Fast DA Approvals at the end of 2008.

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Brisbane City Council Accredited RiskSMART Planners

The team is headed by Principal Mr Ian Adams. Ian first commenced working for Brisbane City Council in 1990/91 before working for other local Councils and private practice. For the past nine years, Ian has developed an impressive list of developments that he has overseen in obtaining their development approval in Brisbane. Ian is accredited by BCC to assess on Council’s behalf all of development that can qualify as a RiskSmart Application.

The other BCC accredited planner at The Planning Place is Senior Planner Mr Craig Christie. Prior to his experience in QLD, Craig previously spent several years with Sydney Councils. He has been involved in a range of development applications, including more complex ones for a variety of Councils throughout Queensland.

The other town planner of the team is Mr Ashley Everton. Ashley has the skills and expertise to deal with a variety of development applications and has an in-depth knowledge of RiskSmart applications and acceptable performance solutions for the application to remain eligible as a RiskSmart application. Ashley is the project planner for many of our RiskSmart Applications.

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Quality Assured / Rapid Response

The team is support by student planners, administration staff and a business manager. The structure of the organisation allows fee proposals to be issued promptly within a 24 hour response period and allows the town planners to commence the preparation and assessment of the RiskSmart applications in a timely matter. The team approach at AA Fast DA Approvals ensures all necessary checks are undertaken and the application is assessed and lodged within target timeframes and meets quality assurance standards.

For more information, visit www.theplanningplace.com.au.