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AA Fast DA Approvals were able to save us valuable time and money, gaining approval for a house in a Demolition Control Precinct within 1 week, 8 weeks faster than the normal process. Having the house approved so quickly dramatically reduces land holding costs, and ever increasing construction costs. The speed in which the application was approved gives us confidence about future project timeframes and outcomes. We highly recommend the AA Fast DA Approvals team at T.P.P and the Brisbane City Council RiskSmart system.

Home Solutions


AA Fast DA Approvals was able to get our new industrial shed approved in just over 1 week. At one point it was looking like our project was going taking 5 months to proceed! We urgently needed more space to grow our business. The fast approval has meant that we have been able to deliver on our promises, we have very happy customers and our business will significantly grow and increase its profits over the next 12 months. The team at AA Fast DA Approvals provide a seamless service, they were fast, friendly and were able to keep me fully informed on the progress of our project which gave me peace of mind and confidence. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of AA Fast DA Approvals.

Air and Gas Industries


We heard about Brisbane City Council’s RiskSMART programming through the planning team at AA Fast DA Approvals and saw it as a great way of getting our Development Application for a one into two lot subdivision approved quickly. It only took 5 days for the application to get approved which saved us a lot of time. We were expecting the application to take 4 months. After getting our quick approval we were able to get the property re-valued with an increase of value of over $100,000 which means we can re-invest sooner. We also saved an estimated $21,000 on holding cost. We are very happy with the exceptional service we received from AA Fast DA Approvals. The team was fast, professional and friendly and was able to help us understand the entire process.

NKC Holdings Pty Ltd


We have peace of mind that town planning applications for our client development projects will be assessed promptly and efficiently by the accredited planners at AA Fast DA Approvals. This ensures their projects remain financing viable and within timeframes.

Liquid Blu Architects


Lucky, I can send people who didn’t do proper due diligence to AA Fast DA Approvals to obtain a Material Change of Use approval before a building approval can be issued.

Certifiers Queensland Pty Ltd


I came across the RiskSmart system via Council’s website and then contacted The Planning Place, listed as an accredited consultant. The main advantage of using T.P.P to lodge a RiskSmart application was that they saved me considerable time and money, adding value to the project. I can highly recommend using T.P.P again, and hope that Council broadens the scope of the RiskSmart system to allow for greater housing diversity.

Mark Farrell